The state company "Ukrspecexport" informs about an unprecedented illegal intrusion into the building that happened today! (UPDATED)


With the support of the Alpha Special Operations Center, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine broke into the building of the State Company Ukrspecexport with automatic weapons without proper legal grounds and entered the regime premises of the State Company Ukrspecexport with gross violations of the law, threatening the development of a force scenario. provided free access to third-party civilians to these premises, which created the preconditions for the unauthorized leakage of classified information, and to the personal belongings of the management and employees of the State Company Ukrspecexport.

Currently, illegal seizure of documents and information related to financial and economic activities for all years of the Company's existence continues. Unfortunately, the Company's business activity is completely paralyzed and critical risks of shipment of products to contractors and unforeseen losses of the Company and damage to business reputation are created.

The state company "Ukrspecexport" carries out its activities exclusively in the interests of the state and on the basis of strict compliance with current legislation of Ukraine.

We call for an end to these illegal and dangerous actions!
The state company Ukrspecexport confirms its readiness to cooperate with the investigation on the basis of openness and legality.

We ask journalists, politicians and the public to follow our messages and refrain from spreading unfounded emotional statements and unverified information.