Ukrspecexport will build a plant in one of the countries of South Asia


Ukrspecexport has signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of a South Asian country aimed to build a universal plant for the overhaul of various types of light armored vehicles as well as to produce spare parts.

The universal plant will be a stationary industrial facility located in a completely autonomous complex of buildings located in a separate area.

The contract provides a full range of services, including design documentation; complete and comprehensive equipping of the plant with modern technological equipment, tools and devices produced by leading global companies; equipment's  installation; setting up manufacturing process; personnel training for overhauls.

The universal plant will allow the Customer to:


  • Perform high-quality overhaul of light armored vehicles of various types;


  • Produce a wide range of spare parts for light armored vehicles of various types in quantities sufficient to meet the plant's own needs for overhauls as well as to supply such spare parts to other military units of the country's armed forces;


  • Modernize the light armored vehicles in service in order to improve its combat and operational characteristics.


The term of the Contract is three years.